Research activities


Research activities

The research carried out within f3 includes both syntheses of current research on production and use of renewable transportation fuels, and supplementing system oriented research related to different parts of the entire renewable fuels value chain.

The specific project areas are

  1. Comprehensive technological, economical and/or environmental system studies
  2. Stakeholder, policy and strategy studies
  3. Comparative system studies of alternative process chains
  4. Studies on process integration and efficiency improvement potentials
  5. Syntheses of current knowledge status for specific areas or surrounding conditions of the value chain

Read more about the project areas (in Swedish) here.

All projects complement ongoing research in the field of renewable fuels and are carried out by scientists and experts from R&D organisations, in close cooperation with industry. Larger projects are primarily financed within the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (Förnybara drivmedel och system), financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and f3. Further, f3 partner resources are set aside for financing smaller projects directly, based on partner proposals.

The project outcomes provide guidance to policy makers, government, industry and other organisations facing decisions regarding renewable fuels, whether about policy objectives and instruments to achieve established goals, or investments in R&D, infrastructure and production.