Increasing the knowledge about conditions for biogas development in the transport sector by presentation of actor views

Despite the fact that biogas vehicles have been used for decades, the biogas market is small. A newly finished project within the f3 and Swedish Energy Agency collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (Förnybara drivmedel och system), has had the aim to increase the knowledge about, firstly, how to get actors to increase the transformation of its feedstock to biogas respectively increase the use of biogas vehicles and, secondly, how to design policy instruments to foster such development. The basic question hav been "What can be done and by whom to foster a more rapid development of supply and use of biogas in the transport sector?"

The project is titled Biogas in the transport sector – An actor and policy analysis, and has been performed as a case study of the Stockholm region. Ambitions are however for the results to be relevant also on a national scale. The project has been lead by Stefan Grönkvist, KTH, with participation also from Linköping University and Stockholm gas. The report from the project will shortly be ready for publication.