Sustainable coastal and inland transport in focus at GreenPilot project seminar

In the GreenPilot project a pilot boat is converted to operate on methanol, thus opening up to a more sustainable and competitive coastal and inland transport. The project started in March of 2016 and will go on until 2018.

On June 15th, a seminar was arranged in Gothenburg to present the outcome and lessons learned so far. The program included presentations from actors of relevance to the project, among them f3, which was presented by Johanna Mossberg. Julia Hansson, IVL, talked about the project Prospects for renewable marine fuels that is carried out within the f3 and Swedish Energy Agency collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (Förnybara drivmedel och system).

The seminar was recorded by Lighthouse and is accessible here. A list of all presentations can be found here.

The GreenPilot seminar was arranged by SMTF (Swedish Maritime Technology Forum), Scandinaos, SSPA, Swedish Transport Administration, Swedish Maritime Administration and Lighthouse.