Get updated on biofuels potential, sustainability and production routes

A short overview of current knowledge is now available at the f3 website, both in Swedish and English. Printed copies are available in Swedish (contact the f3 secretariat for more information).

The report includes i) the potential and sustainability for biomass use, and ii) the production of sustainable biofuels in a well-to-tank (WTT) perspective. WTT performance for different alternative production routes is presented in respect of:

  • Total energy efficiency
  • Greenhouse gas performance
  • Land efficiency
  • Economy

Particular focus is placed on biofuel systems that are, and may be, relevant for production located in Sweden as well as those systems that contribute most to today’s renewable fuel and/or have the greatest long-term potential for sustainable produc­tion in larger quantities.

The overview report is based on an earlier extensive f3 report from 2013, but data has been updated where relevant. The extensive report was made on assignment from the Swedish government investigation concerning a future fossil free transport sector called Utredningen om FossilFri Fordonstrafik (FFF-utredningen). The complete investigation was published under the name Fossilfrihet väg (literally Fossil-free on its way).

Photo: FreeImages.com/Sean Okihiro