The library includes reports, papers, fact sheets, and other material on different perspectives of renewable transportation fuels, easily sorted by a combination of choices in drop-down lists. The library contains material from f3 as well as external material, i.e not written or commissioned by f3 as an organization. Links refer primarily to the actual material, or to a resource where it can be accessed.

Definitions in drop-down lists

a)  Feedstock includes land use.
b)  Fuel production refers to all aspects of fuel production industry: production methods, processes, technology systems, etc.
c)  Fuel use refers to all aspects of usage of final fuels: fuel distribution and infrastructure, test in vehicles, etc.
d)  Entire fuel chain includes LCA and Well-to-Wheel assessments.
e)  Long-term scenarios includes backcasting, energy modeling, trends, and societal changes.
f)  Biodiesel includes FAME, Fischer-Tropsch and HVO.
g) Scientific papers includes abstracts and full text publications.
h) Other refers to academic thesises, information from industry, agencies, organizations, etc, i.e. outside f3.