Collaboration, systems and networking are key properties of f3 as well as the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems. In two series of stories, f3 Stories and Fokus på (translated as “Focus on”), we describe how this translates concretily in regard to partners, project participants, research results and stakeholders making use of the results. The aim is to present a picture about the benefits of the activities of f3 and the research program activities, and to show what they can offer to different stakeholders.

The stories have been produced by the f3 centre office for f3 and the collaborative research program in close collaboration with journalist Annika Söderpalm. All stories are written in Swedish.


f3 Stories – Series of stories about f3

Fokus på – Series of stories about the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems


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FOCUS ON: Renewable transportation fuels – from technologic potential to practical use in society

It is beyond doubt that human activity affects the climate. Emissions of greenhouse gases have increased since the beginning of…

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Focus On  | 2017-10-23

Biofuel stakeholders cooperate in the project series BeWhere Sweden

Renewable transportation fuels is a hot topic today. The government has decided that in 2045, the Swedish energy supply should…

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f3 Stories  | 2017-06-28

European collaboration for transition fo renewable transportation fuels

Successful development of renewable transportation fuels in large-scale demands collaborative research and innovation efforts, both on national level and European…

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f3 Stories  | 2017-05-04

Collaboration and a systemic approach are keys to high quality research

Researchers might get caught up in their own research, with limited attention to what goes on in the surroundings as…

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f3 Stories  | 2014-02-02

Combined expertise for wiser decisions on future transportation fuels

There is a unique strongness to the broad network of f3. Eva Lind Grennfelt from Preem, and Per Erlandsson from…

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f3 Stories  | 2013-11-15

Several best choices for future biofuels

One of the EU climate targets is a 10% share of renewables in the transport sector in 2020, calling for…

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f3 Stories  | 2013-06-18