The programme for the 2017 International Advanced Biofuels Conference (ABC) in Gothenburg on 17-19 May is now available! The conference covers long-term policy, business opportunities, technological innovations and much more regarding the development and use of advanced biofuels in aviation, maritime and land transport. ABC is arranged by Svebio with f3 as one of the co-arranging partners. Others include Aebiom, World Bioenergy Association and IEA Bioenergy.

f3 chairs session on renewable fuel mythbusting

Today, the debate runs high on renewable fuels, their impacts and sustainability and both renewable fuels on the market and  renewable fuels under development are under scrutiny. This is the starting-point for the session that Johanna Mossberg of f3 will be chairing on day 2 at 9.00-10.30 am, titled “Myth-Busters on renewable fuels”. During the session, four researchers will address common myths in the public debate on renewable fuels and show, using a systems approach, how scientifically based knowledge can provide guidance to policy makers, government, industry and other organizations. Their common objective is to provide (scientifically based) perspectives on the development, production and use of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable renewable transport fuels, as part of a future sustainable society. Thus, the session will provide food for thought as well as a guide to managing the myth minefield — and the roaring trade in (dis)information about renewable fuels, feedstocks, and social impact.

Read and download the full programme of the conference through the link above.