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Well-to-wheel perspective important for understanding competitiveness of forest-based and fossil-based value chains

What is the result from comparing life cycle costs for…

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News | 2019-05-07

ETIP Bioenergy position paper on the significance of biofuels for reaching RED II targets

Demands for higher targets, a systems perspective and a harmonized…

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News | 2019-04-18

The f3 annual report for 2018 is available

Curious about what activities took place within f3 during 2018?…

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News | 2019-04-09

Time is up for comments on how to certify bioenergy according to iLUC

Just before Christmas 2018, the final new version of…

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News | 2019-03-08

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Lunch seminar about the climate impact from aviation, 27 May in Gothenburg

A co-arrangement by Chalmers' Areas of advance Energy and Transport, and f3. The seminar will be held in Swedish.

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Renewable transportation fuels and systems >>

A collaborative research program between the Swedish Energy Agency and f3.


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f3 contributes, through scientifically based knowledge, to the development of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable renewable transportation fuels, as part of a future sustainable society and for the transition to a fossil independent vehicle fleet in 2030.

How we work

The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels (f3) is a nationwide centre for collaboration between industry, academia, research institutes and authorities engaged in working towards a sustainable transport sector. The common starting point is that sustainable renewable transportation fuels play a key role in the transition.

f3 conducts system-oriented and interdisciplinary research in connection to every step of the renewable transportation fuel value chain. Together with the centre partners, f3 finances and carries through research projects, disseminates knowledge and engages in advocacy work.

The aim is to enhance the understanding for the need of a systems perspective on research and use of renewable sustainable transportation fuels among policymakers, business stakeholders, society and interest groups so that a fossil independent vehicle fleet can be realised – today, tomorrow and in the future.

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34 projects within the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems
17 partner organisations
65 f3 projects
80 organisations with participation in projects
49 scientific publications
10 open conference events
8 years of cooperation


Biobränsle, styrmedel, flygskam – Hur kan flyget minska sin klimatpåverkan?

Lunch seminar (in Swedish), Gothenburg.

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27 May

Event | 2019-05-27

Building a sustainable European biofuel industry

Joint conference for Bio4Fuels (NO), the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (SE) and SuperGen Bioenergy (UK) in…

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04 November

Event | 2019-11-04


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