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Shaping the biomass energy discourse

Over a hundred registered participants joined last Friday’s free webinar aimed at bridging knowledge gaps about the use of biomass…

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News | 2021-12-17

New comparison of biofuels can facilitate for decision-makers

Is there an optimal choice? A new study compares climate benefits, costs and resource efficiency for twelve biofuels produced…

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News | 2021-08-23

Risks and opportunities when cities exchange biogas for electricity in public transport

What will happen with biogas when urban public transportation systems are electrified? The future images that dominate public discourse provide…

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News | 2021-06-21

Radical improvements in biojetfuel production technology

The technology for producing enough biofuel to meet the need from the Swedish domestic flights is already in place. Now,…

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News | 2021-05-19

Learn the basics about electrofuels and electric road systems

f3 produces fact sheets in different subject categories that relate to providing the transport sector with sustainable energy. Two new…

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News | 2021-05-11

Electricity boosts biofuel production

Boosting biofuel production from biomass with electricity can increase efficiancy with 30 per cent. Gasification of biomass is the most…

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News | 2021-04-13

New technology combination results in more biofuel

A new way of combining termochemical techniques can decrease the transport sector greenhouse gas emissions. In the BioFlex project,…

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News | 2021-04-06

Annual report for 2020

We have now published the annual report för 2020, summarizing projects and activities that took place during last year. Despite…

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News | 2021-03-19

Ten key facts about the use of biomass for energy purposes

Recent articles and statements in the media raise concerns over the climate effects of using forest biomass for bioenergy. As…

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News | 2021-03-18

Forest residues can be an important raw material for future Swedish HVO production

The demand for hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) has increased in recent years and it is now the dominant liquid biofuel…

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News | 2020-12-14

Recording of this year’s program conference available

Each year, the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems carries through a conference presenting results from the…

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News | 2020-12-01

The pulp industry can help meet the need for renewable drop-in fuels

As a result of the introduction of the reduction obligation for petrol and diesel fuels in 2018, demanding an increase…

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News | 2020-10-13

The importance of policy for sustainable biofuel value chains

The increasing use of biofuels in the transportation sector is an important pillar in Swedish and Finish policy strategies to…

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News | 2020-09-07

The spring call resulted in twelve new projects

Recently, we announced the first six new projects within the collaborative research program Renewable Transportation fuels and systems. With…

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News | 2020-06-18

Six new projects are announced

Hydrogen in multi filling stations. Car travels and paths to climate neutrality. LBG in shipping. Efficient…

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News | 2020-06-16

f3 launches new fact sheet category: conversion technologies

According to the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED), biomass means the biodegradable fraction of products, waste and residues from biological…

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News | 2020-05-13

First time for an online coordinator meeting

The f3 coordinator group usually get together twice a year for meetings hosted by one of the f3 partner organisations.

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News | 2020-05-11

22 applications in the latest call for projects

22 applications for a total worth of 30 Million SEK were registered in the latest call for projects within the…

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News | 2020-03-05

New fact sheet on aviation biofuel

Aircrafts and helicopters with jet motors can be fuelled by Jet A1, or, as it i also called, kerosene or…

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News | 2020-02-11

Video recordings from conference are available

All presentations at the conference Building a sustainable European biofuel industry were filmed, and most of the recordings are now…

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News | 2019-12-13

f3 publishes fact sheet on ILUC

The connection to land use is discussed in many biofuel contexts. Using land for production of biofuels could lead to…

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News | 2019-12-10

Site visit along the local biogas chain

On 27 November, E.on hosted a coordinator meeting for the f3 partners and took the participants to visit stops along…

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News | 2019-12-02

Conference resources available

We have now compiled the resources from the conference “Building a sustainable European biofuel industry” that was held in Gothenburg…

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News | 2019-11-19

Valuable insights came from boundaries and differences

On 4-6 November, the conference Building a sustainable European biofuel industry in Gothenburg became a meeting venue for a…

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News | 2019-11-18

Scenarios for LGB in Sweden in finished f3 project

Looking towards the year 2030, what are the realistic assumptions that could be made about the contribution of LBG in…

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News | 2019-11-15

ECR forum and Volvo Trucks site visit preceded the biofuels conference

In connection to the conference ”Building a sustainable European biofuel industry” 5-6 November, participants also gathered for other activities; a…

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News | 2019-11-14

Full house at the conference on sustainable fuels

Last week’s jointly arranged conference between Bio4Fuels (NO), Supergen Bioenergy (UK) and the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and…

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News | 2019-11-11

Complete programme for the conference Building a sustainable European biofuel industry

On 4-6 November, the conference Building a sustainable European biofuel industry will take place in Gothenburg. This is a…

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News | 2019-10-24

Third call for projects in the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems

Open call for projects in the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems.

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News | 2019-10-21

Supply side views on biogas development

In March, we posted the news that the project Biogas in the transport sector – an actor and…

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News | 2019-08-12

Nine new collaborative research program projects demonstrate a wide range in scope

Finally we can announce the result of the spring call in the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program…

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News | 2019-07-02

Biofuel, policy and “flying shame” – How can climate impact from aviation be reduced?

From left: Jörgen Larsson, Chalmers; Maria Wetterstrand, the Biojet Inquiry; Sören Eriksson, Preem; Ingrid Nohlgren, f3 and Anna Elofsson, PhD…

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News | 2019-05-28

Economy at the rudder for choice of fuel in the shipping sector

When the impact of economic, environmental, social and technical aspects on fuel choice in the maritime sector was investigated within…

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News | 2019-05-23

Well-to-wheel perspective important for understanding competitiveness of forest-based and fossil-based value chains

What is the result from comparing life cycle costs for forest-based and fossil-based value chains for producing fuels for use…

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News | 2019-05-07

ETIP Bioenergy position paper on the significance of biofuels for reaching RED II targets

Demands for higher targets, a systems perspective and a harmonized approach In the beginning of March, f3 reported that…

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News | 2019-04-18

The f3 annual report for 2018 is available

Curious about what activities took place within f3 during 2018? Find out about published reports, new projects, arranged events and…

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News | 2019-04-09

Time is up for comments on how to certify bioenergy according to iLUC

Just before Christmas 2018, the final new version of the EU Renewable Energy Directive, also called RED II.

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News | 2019-03-08

Swedish Government Committee on aviation suggests gradual blending of biofuels into kerosene

In early 2018, the Swedish Government appointed a new committee with the purpose to analyse how the use of sustainable…

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News | 2019-03-07

Obstacles to continued development of biogas in the transport sector identified in interviews with key operators

Biogas has been used as a transportation fuel in Sweden for over two decades and the technology for production, distribution…

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News | 2019-03-05

New report analyses stimulation of employment and economic activities along biomass and transport fuel value chains

What are the socio-economic and environmental co-benefits related to biofuels produc­tion for the transport sector? How can we measure values…

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News | 2019-03-01

The spring call for projects for the collaborative research program resulted in 24 applications

On 21 February, the second call closed for project applications within the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program…

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News | 2019-02-28

Two articles published on multi-aspect evaluation of integrated forest-based biofuel production pathways

In April 2018, we could publish a conclusing report in Swedich from the project Techno-economics of long and short term…

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News | 2019-02-22

What is the role of network management in development of new sustainable technologies?

The project An innovation policy framework and policy options for the development of biorefineries that finished in June 2018 is…

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News | 2019-02-20

Welcome VTI, new member in f3

On 29 January, a unanimous general assembly decided to welcome VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, as…

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News | 2019-01-30

FAQ about the current call for projects in the collaborative research program

On 16 January 2019, the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 offer an opportunity to ask questions and generally discuss applications…

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News | 2018-12-03

A forward-looking and engaging full-day conference for the collaborative research program

On 22 November, the yearly conference for the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels…

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News | 2018-11-23

Call for projects opens today!

Take part in developing the use of sustainable renewable transportation fuels through system analyses Today 5 November 2018, a new…

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News | 2018-11-05

Decreased GHG emissions but increased production cost from straw-based biofuels, according to new article

Current EU policy calls for decreased emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by i.e., replacing fossil fuel in the transportation sector…

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News | 2018-10-05

Five new projects to start within the collaborative research program

The call for projects in the f3 and Swedish Energy Agency collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems earlier…

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News | 2018-09-27

Registration open for conference and submission of future project ideas

The registration for the 2018 conference within the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems,…

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News | 2018-09-19

How can we evaluate future biorefinery concepts today?

The number of possible combinations of feedstock, feedstock pre-treatment, and downstream pro­cesses for large-scale production of different types of biofuel…

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News | 2018-09-19

Article published in Energy about sector-specific policy instruments

In April, the summarized results from the f3 project Gasification-based biofuels – Greenhouse gas emissions and profitability analysis with general…

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News | 2018-09-18

New f3 report compares LCA studies on road freight vehicles

Today’s road freight vehicles are mainly fuelled with die­sel and use a significant fraction of the global fossil oil production.

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News | 2018-09-13

Economic competitiveness of co-gasification concepts covered in newly published article

The project Methanol production via black liquor gasification with expanded raw material base was finished earlier this year and a report…

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News | 2018-08-16

Choice of method or choice of results?

One of the first projects to publish results from the first phase of the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative…

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News | 2018-08-07

Parallel development of assessment methodologies and policy tools support sustainability of complex bioenergy systems

The sustainability performance of bioenergy and biofuels is debated, both within the scientific community and in society. Sometimes conflicting views…

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News | 2018-06-19

What are the prospects for renewable LBG in Sweden in 2030?

The interest for renewable liquid methane as a fuel for heavy duty road and marine transports has risen in Sweden…

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News | 2018-06-12

What is the role of renewable fuels in the global shipping sector and which factors influence the choice?

The global greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping sector should be reduced by 50% by 2050 compared to 2008, according…

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News | 2018-06-04

Is there a favourable policy mix for development of biorefinery concepts?

A biorefinery co-produces various high-quality products such as biofuels, chemicals, electricity and heat from a biomass-based commodity. Although there are…

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News | 2018-05-15

New f3 report presents evaluation of a process combination technology for potential future demonstration unit

In a new report from an f3 project, a certain case of business development for production of second generation transportation…

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News | 2018-05-08

Cost and climate benefit potentials of renewable electro-hydrogen in Swedish industry investigated

For Sweden to reach national goals of fossil independency and a climate neutral society, it is essential that the production…

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News | 2018-05-03

At what level of GHG emission cost are gasification-based biofuel production systems profitable?

Gasification-based biofuel production systems have a large potential to contribute to climate change mitigation in the transport sector. The commercial…

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News | 2018-04-19

f3 research reports and activities part of background material for Swedish Parliament report of the transport sector’s climate impact

On April 12, the Swedish Parliament’s Committee on transport and communications had an open hearing concerning the publication of an…

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News | 2018-04-12

Future potential performance of four biofuel production pathways based on forest feedstock examined

The Swedish Energy Agency has identified different transport biofuel production technologies based on forest feedstock as strategically interestingin the future.

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News | 2018-04-09

f3 annual report 2017 available

2017 was a busy year for f3. Activities, seminars, publications, projects and more are now summarized in an annual report…

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News | 2018-04-04

New call for project proposals open in collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems

Today, the first call for project proposals within the second stage of the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research…

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News | 2018-03-16

IVL publishes popular summary of results from f3 project on the new reduction obligation quota system

In December 2017, f3 published a report from the project Evaluation of biofuel production costs in…

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News | 2018-03-14

An updated view of the devel­opment for long-haul road transports fuelled by electricity and hydrogen

What is the current view of the technical and economic devel­opment for long-haul road transports fuelled by electricity and hydrogen?…

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News | 2018-03-14

Socio-economic factors are important for general sustainability performance of transportation fuels

The production and use of vehicle fuels results in both environmental and socio-economic impacts. The EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED),…

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News | 2018-03-13

Scientific publication from project on biofuels and ecosystem services

The project Biofuels and ecosystem services, carried out within the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels…

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News | 2018-03-05

Macroalgae sugar kelp and sea squirts for biofuels production investigated in light of impact on ecosystem services

Two out of several potential marine feedstocks for biofuels production that can be cultivated in Sweden are the macroalgae sugar…

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News | 2018-02-27

Thermochemical conversion of digestate shows good techno-economic potential for effecient utilisation of biofuels feedstock according to new report

To replace fossil fuels with second generation biofuels, it is crucial that biomass material is made available. However, there is…

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News | 2018-02-27

Welcome Ingrid Nohlgren, new centre manager for f3!

Just before christmas, it was announced that Ingrid Nohlgren will be the new f3 centre manager. – I feel…

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News | 2018-02-15

Phosphorus recovery from HTL processed macroalgae can generate positive ma­terial and energy costs and revenues

Replacing fossil fuels with sustainable fuel from biomass requires both innovative technological solutions and a feedstock that does not put…

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News | 2018-02-05

Black liqour blending improves energy and cost efficiency in methanol production

Compared to combustion in a recovery boiler, gasification of black liquor with downstream synthesis to biofuels in Kraft pulp mills…

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News | 2018-02-02

Lowering oxygen con­tent in bio-oil saves money and reduces CO2 emissions

A potential future production route for renewable transportation fuels is to produce bio-oil from forest raw ma­terial through i.e. fast…

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News | 2018-01-29

Good potential for domestic iLUC-free feedstock to meet future biofuel demand in Sweden

In order for Sweden to reach its goal of a fossil free transport sector by the year 2030, the forecast…

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News | 2018-01-18

Full report available from project on biofuels and ecosystem services

During the fall of 2016, a project carried out within the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative reserarch program…

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News | 2018-01-17

New report focuses on CO2 emissions and environmental damage cost assessment in LCA of a distribution truck

In a new report written for f3 by Per Hanarp and Mia Romare, Volvo Group, a life cycle assessment (LCA)…

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News | 2018-01-10

iLUC-free feedstock helps to realize biofuel targets according to new article

A high implementation rate of additional iLUC-free (indirect Land Use Change) feedstock for biofuel production is needed to realize biofuel…

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News | 2018-01-09

Ingrid Nohlgren is the new manager for f3

Just in time for Christmas, we are happy to announce that the new manager for f3 will be Ingrid Nohlgren.

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News | 2017-12-22

New report illustrates relation between GHG performance and market value of biofuels in the new Swedish reduction obligation system

In 2017, the Swedish government proposed to introduce a reduction obligation for transportation fuel distributors. This would imply an obligation…

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News | 2017-12-18

Nearly 40 scientific publications from projects within f3

In May, a list was put together by the f3 office, concluding links to scientific articles published in projects…

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News | 2017-11-21

Green public procurement analysed in two new articles

The project Public procurement as a policy instrument to support the diffusion and use of renewable transport fuels, carried out…

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News | 2017-11-20

ETIP Bioenergy RED II position paper is available

On 27 October 2017, the Steering Committee of ETIP Bioenergy, in which f3 is represented, reached an agreement on the…

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News | 2017-11-14

Project covered actors’ point of view on conditions for biogas development in the transport sector

Despite over 20 years of use as a transportation fuel in Sweden, and a production, distribution and use established at…

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News | 2017-11-13

Who and how? Investigating usefulness of BeWhere Sweden for relevant actors and stakeholders

Future biofuel production opportunities in Sweden can be analysed in various ways. The BeWhere Sweden project series has had three…

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News | 2017-11-08

Biofuel production by-products contribute to GHG emission reduction

In April 2017, an extended summary of the project Environmental and socio-economic benefits from Swedish biofuel production was published.

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News | 2017-11-06

The Swedish Energy Agency and f3 program conference in Uppsala sold out

On October 25-26, 2017, the concluding program conference for the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable…

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News | 2017-10-30

Collaborative research program in focus in new article series

Since January 2014, the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 have financed the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and…

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News | 2017-10-24

Revised report from project that studies barriers to increased utilisation of ethanol

In May, a report from the project Barriers to an increased utilisation of high biofuel blends in the Swedish…

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News | 2017-10-18

An intense fall of work connected to Horizon 2020

With financial support from Vinnova, f3 acts as the Swedish advocacy platform towards Horizon 2020, The EU Framework Programme for…

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News | 2017-10-05

Increasing the knowledge about conditions for biogas development in the transport sector by presentation of actor views

Despite the fact that biogas vehicles have been used for decades, the biogas market is small. A newly finished project…

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News | 2017-10-04

Modes of governing towards fossil fuel free visions and goals in Swedish municipalities

In June, an extended summary was made available the project From visions to smart ICT – Local transitions to…

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News | 2017-10-04

Developer and user perspective on energy system models in new article from BeWhere project

The project BeWhere – Stake-holder analysis of biofuel production in Sweden will soon be finished. It is the third of…

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News | 2017-10-04

Positive decision on second phase of f3 and Swedish Energy Agency collaborative research program

We are glad to announce that the Swedish Energy Agency (SEA) recently took the decision to finance another four year…

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News | 2017-10-02

Long term perspective on methanol as fuel covered in new f3 report

Methanol use in various applications is on the raise globally and there are several examples on how methanol is used…

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News | 2017-09-13

A new face at the f3 office

With an intense start of the fall season, preparing for a new, third, phase of f3 and the collaborative research…

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News | 2017-08-31

Full program available for the concluding program conference, October 25-26

The full and detailed program for the concluding conference for the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program…

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News | 2017-08-31

Article published from previous project on agricultural wastes and residues

Rasmus Einarsson and Martin Persson, Chalmers, who participated in the project Biogas from agricultural wastes and residues – where…

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News | 2017-08-31

Combination of fresh and ensiled crops can potentially reduce substrate costs for biogas production

For crop-based biogas plants, the cost for buying the crops is a predominant production cost and efficient systems for production,…

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News | 2017-08-30

Real life examples of industrial symbiosis for biofuel production

Industrial symbiosis involves collaborations among diverse, and predominantly local and regional, actors that create additional economic and environmental value through…

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News | 2017-08-30

New f3 fact sheet on B100

A new fact sheet on B100 has been produced and is available here. Find other fuel fact sheets as…

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News | 2017-08-14

All deliverables from project about Ionic Liquids available

In March it was announced that the project Techno-economic analysis of biomethane production with novel upgrading technology, carried out within the…

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News | 2017-08-07

Renewable transportation fuels and systems – Upcoming concluding research program conference

Registration is now open for the concluding conference for the f3 and Swedish Energy Agency collaborative research program Renewable…

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News | 2017-06-28

New f3 story on the project series BeWhere Sweden

One of the first projects to start within f3 was titled Optimal localisation of second generation biofuel production in…

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News | 2017-06-28

Seven new small f3 projects started during the spring

During the spring, seven new small f3 projects were granted funding from f3 partners and started their work. The projects…

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News | 2017-06-27

Varying strategies for supporting regional fossil-free transport systems

Local and regional authorities have an important role in the transition to fossil-free transport systems, but there is uncertainty regarding…

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News | 2017-06-27

Sustainable coastal and inland transport in focus at GreenPilot project seminar

In the GreenPilot project a pilot boat is converted to operate on methanol, thus opening up to a more…

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News | 2017-06-19

MCEC shows potential to boost production of bio-SNG according to new f3 report

Biomass gasification is an attractive technology that efficiently converts forest biomass, biomass-based wastes and other types of renewable feedstocks into…

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News | 2017-06-08

New report investigates barriers for increased use of high biofuel blends in Sweden

In order to meet future environmental targets and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, biofuels are likely to represent a significant…

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News | 2017-05-31

Straight answers are myths: One fuel does not fit all

How come there is no straight answer to the question of which renewable fuel is the best? The answer is…

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News | 2017-05-23

Scientific publications from projects within f3 and the collaborative research program

One of the objectives of the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (Förnybara drivmedel och system) as well…

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News | 2017-05-04

RED II proposal overviewed by f3

A new renewable energy directive for the period 2020-2030 was proposed by the European Commission on 30 November 2016. The…

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News | 2017-05-04

Updated fact sheets on DME and Methanol available

The fact sheets on DME and Methanol have been updated with new numbers and information on current projects…

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News | 2017-05-04

Platform f3: Cooperation and interaction for Nordic interests in the EU

Since 2014, f3 has been functioning as the officially appointed Swedish advocacy platform towards renewable fuels R&I in Horizon 2020…

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News | 2017-05-02

Can green public procurement promote renewable transport alternatives in Swedish municipalities?

Many municipalities in Sweden have requirements on green cars in the procurement of municipal vehicles and some also have requirements…

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News | 2017-04-26

There is more to biofuels than CO2 reduction

In 2014, the Swedish Energy Agency reported a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 1.95 M tonnes of CO2-eq due to…

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News | 2017-04-12

Investigating the dynamics of innovation and policy for biorefinery transition

The principal products of the bioeconomy are biobased products and bioenergy, while the funda­mental technology, introduced to replace petroleumbased refineries,…

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News | 2017-04-07

Session chaired by f3 included in the programme for the 2017 International Advanced Biofuels Conference

The programme for the 2017 International Advanced Biofuels Conference (ABC) in Gothenburg on 17-19 May is now available! The…

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News | 2017-03-29

Mapping the technical and economic potential of electrofuels

Electrofuels, also known as power-to-gas/liquids/fuels, e-fuels, or synthetic fuels, are syn­thetic hydrocarbons, e.g. methane or methanol, produced from carbon dioxide…

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News | 2017-03-14

Annika Åhnberg is the new Chair of f3

On 7 February 2017, the unanimous general assembly of f3 chose Annika Åhnberg as the new Chair of f3. She…

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News | 2017-03-07

Economic and technological maturity levels of different electrofuel processes

There is a growing interest for electrofuel processes among biogas producers, that can be associated with a potential for these…

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News | 2017-03-07

Investigating the use of Ionic Liquids in biogas upgrading

The use of upgraded biogas (biomethane) as vehicle fuel has been considered as one of the most efficient means of…

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News | 2017-03-06

Updated fact sheet on EU sustainability criteria for biofuels available

The f3 fact sheet on EU sustainability criteria for biofuels has recently been updated with the latest figures and facts…

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News | 2017-02-23

Norwegian centre Bio4Fuels open

February 9 was the date for the launch of Bio4Fuels, a centre for environment-friendly energy research (FME) based at the…

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News | 2017-02-20

What are the potentials of forest feedstock for biofuel production?

Close to 60 people attended the seminar Feedstock for sustainable biofuel production, co-arranged by f3, Bio4Energy and SLU at SLU in…

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News | 2017-02-19

Marine ecosystem services and thermochemical conversion of digestate – focus for two new collaborative research program projects

The latest call in the Swedish Energy Agency and f3 collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems has resulted…

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News | 2017-02-16

Impacts of biofuel production on ecosystem services mapped in new report

Ecosystem services are the benefits people obtain from ecosystems. There is evidence that biofuels offer ecosystem services but also compromise…

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News | 2017-01-12

Potential of new, methane-based vehicle systems solutions from a well-to-wheel perspective

The final report from the project Methane as vehicle fuel – a gate-to-wheel study (METDRIV) is now available. It analyses…

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News | 2017-01-11

Forest-based jet fuel production in Sweden investigated in f3 project

The Climate KIC supported project RENJET has investigated future renewable jet fuel supply chains. Sweden was selected as a case region…

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News | 2017-01-10

Possibilities for P2G/P2L demonstration in Sweden

This is what the latest finished f3 project wants to investigate. P2G is an acronym for Power-to-gas, meaning that power…

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News | 2016-12-19

Registration open for February 6th in Umeå

Registration is now open for the seminar Feedstock for sustainable biofuel production, co-arranged by f3, SLU and Bio4Energy in Umeå…

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News | 2016-12-12

Overviewing the complex EU legislation for biofuel development

The use of biofuels in Sweden has increased dramatically during the last decade and the country is now one of…

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News | 2016-10-25

Nuanced understanding for biofuel production system development strategies

Diversification of forest industry activities into transport fuels is important for Swedish climate and energy policy goal achievement, and biofuel…

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News | 2016-10-18

Renewable fuels at sea

f3 and Lighthouse co-arranged a seminar on October 6 on renewable transportation fuels for the marine sector. The first part…

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News | 2016-10-18

New report discusses environmental impacts of increased biofuel consumption

A recently finished f3 project has modeled accumulated environmental impacts of Swedish biofuel production and consumption in order to understand…

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News | 2016-10-07

Can energy-dense intermediate products improve the cost-effectiveness for production of transportation fuels?

An increased share of renewable transportation fuels requires utilisation of new low-cost sources of bio-based raw materials other than what…

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News | 2016-08-29

Six new projects granted funding

How can alternative technologies improve bio oil production? What role can renewable fuels play in the marine sector? In which…

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News | 2016-08-09

Factors and effects of flexibility in biorefineries

The latest finished project within f3 is a knowledge synthesis addressing flexibility in ethanol based biorefinery processes using lignocellulosic feedstocks…

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News | 2016-06-02

Where is the money?

The intensified focus on bio-based economy has revived the interest in forest industry as a very important factor in the…

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News | 2016-02-25

How can forest-derived methane complement biogas from anaerobic digestion?

Forest-derived methane may contribute significantly to a vehicle fleet independent of fossil fuels by 2030. According to a recently finished…

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News | 2016-02-19

Increased biofuel production in North America due to promoting policies and mandates

The production of biofuels has increased dramatically in North America in recent years, according to a study carried out within…

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News | 2016-02-10

Biogas from residues has potential

Anaerobic fermentation of agricultural wastes such as crop residues and animal manure, producing biogas, is an example of an advanced…

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News | 2016-01-07

“The final blow to Swedish ethanol”

The new energy tax on ethanol will make it the most expensive transportation fuel on the Swedish market. According to…

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News | 2015-12-07

Agriculture can contribute to syngas production

Syngas is an important feedstock when producing many chemical products, but also gaseous biofuels and liquid biofuels. Its can also…

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News | 2015-11-26

Focus on greenhouse gases

A recent study, resulting in a new f3 report, indicates that there is a dominant focus on GHG (greenhouse gas) related impacts at the…

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News | 2015-11-12

More renewable fuels in public buses

The Swedish public transport sector has defined two major targets, i.e., to run 90% of the total vehicle kilometers of…

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News | 2015-10-23

Method matters in LCA

The f3 project The method’s influence on climate impact assessment has discovered important differences in results when calculating carbon…

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News | 2015-10-20

Challenges and possibilities for renewable fuels in Västra Götaland

Renewable energy use in the transportation sector will consist of a combination of renewable electricity and biofuels. Hence, biofuels can…

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News | 2015-09-01

What are the obstacles for increased use of biofuels in the Swedish vehicle fleet?

The f3 project “Barriers to an increased utilisation of high biofuel blends in the Swedish vehicle fleet” aims at developing a better…

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News | 2015-06-04

Calculating GHG performance in biorefineries

With a predicted increasing share of biofuels produced in biorefineries, there is a need for a discussion on critical methodological…

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News | 2014-08-26

New report and conference paper on biorefinery LCA methodology issues

Over the years, many LCA studies of bioenergy systems have been performed, but LCA of bioenergy still faces some methodological…

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News | 2014-07-11

New projects will start in the fall

As a result from the first call for projects within the cooperation program between f3 and the Swedish Energy Agency,…

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News | 2014-06-26

Report on S-LCA on vehicle fuels

The f3 project Social and socioeconomic impacts from vehicle fuels has now delivered a report. The project has been…

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News | 2014-01-29

Reports from finished projects

Reports from three finished projects are now available. Click below to read more on the projects and/or to access reports.

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News | 2014-01-09

Model-based studies with the transport sector integrated in national energy systems

More ambitious energy and environmental targets and larger use of alternative energy in the transport sector increase system effects over…

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News | 2013-10-17

Competing interests for forest biomass

The latest report from an f3 project covers the issue of forest biomass as raw material for biofuel as well…

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News | 2013-10-17

Reports available on the co-production of ethanol and biogas from lignicellulosic biomass, and biofuels in Sub-Saharan Africa

Two more project reports are now available on the f3-web!One is among the first projects that were ever introduced by…

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News | 2013-08-27

f3 report published as part of Swedish government investigation

The EU has declared a 10 percent goal of renewable fuels in the transportation sector by the year 2020. To…

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News | 2013-07-01

System studies on biofuel production via integrated biomass gasification

This project has performed a comprehensive review of publications regarding industrially integrated biomass gasifiers for motor fuel production. The purposes…

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News | 2013-06-19

New report: The fossil fuel reference

While much attention has been paid to every detail of the emissions from biofuel systems, comparatively few studies have investigated…

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News | 2013-06-18

f3 project report on land use issues available

The project Biofuels and land use in Sweden – an overview of land-use change effect has delivered it's report…

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News | 2013-05-28

Reports from two projects available

Two more reports from finished projects are now available, these are Optimal localisation of second generation biofuel production in…

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News | 2013-05-17

Mapping of biofuels R&D in Brazil

The finished report from the f3 syntheses project "Mapping of biofuels R&D in Brazil" is now available in the Renewable…

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News | 2013-01-02

Synthesis report published on Swedish biofuel policies

Biofuels have been recognized to be one of the key solutions for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from the transport…

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News | 2012-11-23

f3 Report on EU sustainability criteria

A study of the EU sustainability criteria has been performed by Serina Ahlgren, f3 coordinator for SLU (Swedish University of…

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News | 2012-06-15

Report on f3 partners and activities

The mapping of R&D activities within the f3 centre is a continuous work. A report is now available that describes the centre parties, and presents an analysis of their…

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News | 2012-01-24

New f3 project studies phosphorus recycling from the production of seaweed-based fuels

Viktor Andersson at Chalmers is the project leader of a new f3 project about seaweed-based fuels and how they can be made…

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News | 2007-02-21