We have now compiled the resources from the conference “Building a sustainable European biofuel industry” that was held in Gothenburg on 4-6 November. Referring to unpublished results, some presentations are not available or have been edited to some extent by speakers. Available resources can be found here. We hope to also soon update the site with video uptakes from the conference sessions.

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Scenarios for LGB in Sweden in finished f3 project

Looking towards the year 2030, what are the realistic assumptions that could be made about the contribution of LBG in…

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News | 2019-11-15

Full house at the conference on sustainable fuels

Last week’s jointly arranged conference between Bio4Fuels (NO), Supergen Bioenergy (UK) and the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and…

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News | 2019-11-11

Third call for projects in the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems

NB! Two skype-based information events about the call will be held on 11 December and 16 January. Read more and…

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News | 2019-10-21

Fossilfrihet och omställning av transportsektorn i Löfvens regeringsförklaring

I sin regeringsförklaring den 21 januari deklarerade Stefan Löfven att Sverige nu får en regering som består av Socialdemokraterna och…

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News | 2019-01-22

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