In connection to the conference ”Building a sustainable European biofuel industry” 5-6 November, participants also gathered for other activities; a forum for early career researcher’s and a site visit to Volvo Trucks. The ECR Forum offered participants the possibility to share their current research and research intererests, to network and to listen to speakers that had been invited to share insights on their own career journeys in the field of bioenergy. Hosting the ECR Forum, held at Chalmers, was a group of young researchers from academic partners in the three conference organizer’s hubs.

After the ECR Forum, a site visit to the Volvo Tuve plant was made, including a guided tour along the truck production line in the factory, and presentations on Volvo’s work on transitioning and adapting to sustainable fuels. Some key issues here are the transport infrastructure, quality demands on fuels and customer needs. It is also important how these factors change over time. Regardless of development and trends, profitability is however essential to all.

The photo depicts ECR Forum participants engaged in an icebreaker activity. Photo: Catriona Heaton, Supergen Bioenergy.

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