Last week’s jointly arranged conference between Bio4Fuels (NO), Supergen Bioenergy (UK) and the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems (SE) was sold out with participants from the three organizing countries as well as other parts of Europe. The programme offered sessions focusing on policy, industry, sustainability, resources, technologies, and implications on society and enviroment from biofuel deployment.  It became clear that national conditions differ in many ways, opening for interesting reflections upon what is considered as important issues in the field of biofuels in Norway, the UK and Sweden respectively.

In the coming days we will be publishing reflections on the conference as well as make resources, such as presentations, available.

The photo depicts Ingrid Nohlgren, director of f3 and the collaborative research program office, welcoming the aduience to the conference. Photo: Emmi Voogand, f3.


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