f3 produces fact sheets in different subject categories that relate to providing the transport sector with sustainable energy. Two new fact sheets have been published, one on electrofuels and the other on ERS, electric road systems.

Electrofuels is a way to produce renewable energy carriers from renewable electricity. They can be used in segments of the transport sector where direct electrification is more challenging to implement. Some electrofuels can be used in vehicles, ships and airplanes today, meaning there is no demand for new investments or infastructure. Learn more about electrofuels here.

Electric Road Systems (ERS) allow vehicles to charge whilst driving, with electricity provided from the road infrastructure either in the roadside area or within the road construction. Currently, several ERS technologies are in different stages of demonstration. Learn more about ERS here.

The material for the fact sheets is produced in collaboration with the f3 partners, with the goal to present accurate and knowledge-based facts in an easily accessible way.