About the project

The aim of the Swedish government is a fossil fuel-free vehicle fleet to 2030. In order to meet future environmental goals and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels, high biofuel blends, such as ethanol and biogas, will likely be a substantial part of the fleet.

The aim of this project has been to develop a better understanding of the barriers that currently exists for an increased use of high blend ethanol (especially E85) and ethanol vehicles and by ex­tension other similar vehicle using high biofuel blends. This knowledge is important to provide decision makers with data and recommendations for which incentives and regulations must be created to be able to increase the use of high biofuel blends in Sweden.


Åsa Kastensson, earlier at Bio4Energy (LTU)


Pål Börjesson, Lund University // Joakim Lundgren, Bio4Energy (LTU) // Per Erlandsson, Lantmännen

Time plan
January 2015 - January 2017

Total project cost
1 927 119 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency, the f3 partners, Bio4Energy, Lund University and Lantmännen

Swedish Energy Agency's project number within the collaborative research program