About the project

This study has been made at request of the secretariats for Environment and Development within Region Västra Götaland, as part of their strategic planning aiming at long-term development of a regional, sustainable transport system. An important starting point for the regional analysis is the national study on pathways towards a fossil-independent transport sector in Sweden (FFF), presented in 2013.

Central questions for the region’s strategic work are:

  • What is the potential for production and use of the various types of biofuels for transportation in Västra Götaland, and if/how do they differ from the nation as a whole?
  • Which factors and necessary conditions impact the development of various systems?
  • How can a transition from the current system to a long-term sustainable system take place, how can it be promoted, and what would the role of the region be in such a development?

The report is written in Swedish with an English summary.


Ingrid Nyström, Chalmers Industriteknik Industriell Energi AB


Stefan Heyne, Chalmers Industriteknik Industriell Energi AB

Time plan
March - August 2015