About the project

In 2012 f3 was asked to contribute to the official report of the Swedish Government “Fossilfrihet på väg” (Fossil independency on the way, SOU 2013:84) by summarizing the current state of the art knowledge about production of biofuels and sustainability aspects such as energy and land efficiency and greenhouse gas performance and costs, preferably from a Swedish perspective. The f3 contribution was published in June 2013 with the title “Dagens och framtidens hållbara biodrivmedel” (Sustainable biofuels today and in the future).

During 2016 a new report was compiled, based on the work of the 2013 publication. This report includes facts and figures updated in correspondance to new research results and is available in English.


Ingrid Nyström, Chalmers Industriteknik Industriell Energi AB


Pål Börjesson, Lund University // Serina Ahlgren, SLU // Joakim Lundgren, LTU

Time plan
The contribution to the government official report was produced and published in the spring of 2013. The updated compilation report was published in May 2016.