About the project

The objective of this project is improved data for LCA of fuels. The project is an update and addition to earlier projects within f3, Well-to-wheel LCI data for fossil and renewable fuels on the Swedish market and Beyond LCI: Towards EPD-conforming LCAs for vehicle fuels.

The purpose of this third project has been to complement the life cycle inventory data presented in the previous projects with data on HVO, hydrogenated vegetable oil, with the goal to better reflect the current conditions on the Swedish fuel market. The project also highlights the importance of the method used in calculations for life cycle analysis, and how results can vary significantly depending on factors such as location of feedstock production and the properties of the production facility (technology, age etc.)


Albin Källmén, IVL


Simon Andersson, Tomas Rydberg, Felipe Oliveira and Mia Romare , IVL

Time plan
June 2017 - April 2019

Total project cost
250 000 SEK

The f3 partners, IVL and NTM (Network for Transport Measures)