On 7 February 2017, the unanimous general assembly of f3 chose Annika Åhnberg as the new Chair of f3. She succeeds Thomas Johannesson who has held the position since the start of f3 in 2011.

“The issue of transportation fuels is incredibly important for a sustainable future, but progress is slow and the discussion often takes the wrong direction” says Annika Åhnberg and adds that she looks forward to chairing the board of f3. “Today’s political shortsightedness cannot create the right conditions for the challenge that we face, and consultant reports cannot substitute for research. The development must be based on facts and knowledge” she says, strongly emphasizing the need for research.

Annika Åhnberg has a broad and diverse background: She is the educated social worker that was engaged in political work on various levels and in different positions, e.g. as member of the Committee on Agriculture, as environment spokesperson for the Left Party, and as the Minister for Agriculture during 1996-1998.

Outside the political arena, Annika has been employed at KF Konsument to handle questions regarding labeling of genetically modified food and third world trade. She has also been the communications officer and Deputy CEO of DeLaval.

Annika is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry (KSLA) since 1999, the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) since 2000 and the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund since 2008. She has also held positions within Axfoundation, Ekologiskt forum, Formas’ Scientific Council and Axfood. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences appointed her honorary doctor in agriculture in 2007 for her insightful work for good animal care in combination with a sustainable Swedish agriculture.

The f3 centre are happy to welcome Annika as our new Chair!

Photo: Emmi Voogand, f3.

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