f3 is one of the Media Partners for the conference "Advanced Biofuels – for Aviation, Maritime and Land Transport" , that will take place in Stockholm on September 16-17, organized by Svebio. The conference is intended for those who are interested in creating a sustainable transport sector, for doers from companies, organizations, governments and research institutions. People who realize that the climate and energy challenges must be met now.

The conference will bring together top research and industry like Abengoa, Avinor, Boeing, Bioenergy 2020+, Neste, Preem, SCA, SkyNRG, Swedavia, Wärtsilä and UNICA with key politicians and policy makers to discuss the present development and the future for biofuels with special focus on advanced biofuels. Questions that will be debated are, for example:  Which advanced technologies and which feedstocks will prevail? And what incentives and instruments are needed to speed up the investments and the introduction of advanced biofuels on different markets?

See the full conference programme and register at the conference web site

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