The f3 coordinator group usually get together twice a year for meetings hosted by one of the f3 partner organisations. Theese meetings are a vital activity for the group and include presentations of what is currently in focus within the hosting organisation, briefing of relevant activities that coordinators carry through as f3 ambassadors, planning and networking. A short site visit or tour, maybe to a lab or a plant, is also commonly on the meeting agenda. This spring, a physical meeting was not possible to arrange, so for a focused three hours, the group met online. Nearly all f3 partners were present and shared information on news and activities connected to their work on reneweable fuels. During the last hour of the meeting, Gunnar Larsson from SLU presented results from the project How can alcohols contribute to a fossil-independent non-road machinery fleet? that is close to publishing its’ final report.

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Konkurrenskraftiga drop-in-bränslen från massaindustrin ger dubbla vinster

Strategiskt viktiga drop-in-bränslen kan produceras kostnadseffektivt av biprodukter i massaindustrin. Det ger både klimatvinster, ekonomiska vinster och mer pappersmassa. Efterfrågan…

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News | 2020-10-13

New fact sheet on aviation biofuel

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f3:s parter fick insyn i Klimatpolitiska rådets arbete

Den 6 februari samlades f3:s parter i Göteborg för den årliga stämman. Utöver den formella stämmans program fick representanterna också…

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Video recordings from conference are available

All presentations at the conference Building a sustainable European biofuel industry were filmed, and most of the recordings are now…

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