About the project

Working vehicles such as tractors and wheel loaders use 13.9 TWh of fossil fuel annually. There are many alternatives to fossil fuels. These vary in technology maturity, as well as in emission reduction potential, taking into account e.g. the fuel production. In order for the potential to be realized, well-functioning business models for all stakeholders that handle and use the fuel are necessary. Regarding biogas and biodiesel, a relatively large amount of studies have been performed, but for alcohols, the number is limited.

The purpose of the project is to supplement existing studies by evaluating the consequences of introducing alcohols as fuel for working vehicles, as well as to study driving forces and restrictions on the way towards broader establishment. This is done by analyzing different types of cases in terms of economic, environmental and practical consequences under different conditions.


Gunnar Larsson, SLU


Per-Ove Persson, Per-Ove Persson F.N.B.

Time plan
January - December 2019

Total project cost
973 135 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency, the f3 partners, SLU and Per-Ove Persson F.N.B.

Swedish Energy Agency's project number within the collaborative research program