The Scandinavian biogas conference Biogas2020, on October 26-27 in Trollhättan, had a dedicated focus on the future of biogas for transportation. At the conference, Ingrid Nyström from f3 was invited to contribute with a broader perspective, covering benefits and development drivers related to a whole range of available and future options for renewable fuels. She stated that concerning biogas, there are two incentives that stand out: Firstly, the potential of biogas as a sustainable fuel can be enhanced by new substrates and by using more effective production methods, and secondly; new technology will enhance the potential in biogas use itself. In order to replace fossil-based fuels there is however a general demand for renewable fuels that needs to be met, which is why all types of renewable energy sources need to be further researched and developed.

Read the full article and access the presentations from the conference here (in Swedish). Ingrid Nyström's presentation can be found here.

Photo: (c) Andreas Olsson

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