Since 2014, f3 has been functioning as the officially appointed Swedish advocacy platform towards renewable fuels R&I in Horizon 2020 and EU-related strategies and priorities for future R&I. Until July 2018, f3’s activities in this area are supported financially from the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova.

Based on a common map of research and innovation in the EU on renewable fuels, Platform f3 has identified which issues that are important from a Swedish and science-based perspective how these can be brought to attention in different contexts. Based on this map, Platform f3 has been able to participate actively in the various European processes aimed at developing new research programs.

The activities within Platform f3 are the focus of a new article in the series “f3 Stories” that is now available. In the article, Ingrid Nyström, senior adviser and coordinator for f3’s international activities, Ingvar Landälv, researcher at Luleå University of Technology and chair of ETIP Bioenergy, and Anneli Nylander, Swedish Transport Administrations are interviewed about their roles in relation to Platform f3.

Access the article (in Swedish) here. Interested in the work of Platform f3? – contact Ingrid Nyström.

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