f3 functions as a Swedish, officially appointed, advocacy platform towards renewable fuels R&I in Horizon 2020 and EU-related strategies and priorities for future R&I. During the summer, the Swedish innovation agency Vinnova decided to continue its financial support for f3's activities in this area. The new project runs from August 2016 to July 2018.

The decision is taken in view of an extremely eventful fall ahead of us. The Commission is preparing the post-2020 research strategy for bioenergy and renewable fuels as part of the development of a new SET plan. This takes place to support the overall activities to implement the Energy Union, including a proposed European Low-Emission Mobility Strategy (launched in July) and the development of a broad new Renewable Energy Package planned for the late fall. f3 intends to follow and interact actively, together with European collaboration partners, with these processes.

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