On November 10th, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute hosted its yearly event on sustainable transports. The conference program included a presentation from Maria Grahn from Chalmers University of Technology, on a project that has been performed within the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems run by f3 and the Swedish Energy Agency. The project studies the role of electrofuels in a future transport system and has the purpose of deepening the knowledge of electrofuels by mapping and analyzing the technical and economical potential for production and comparing the cost-effectiveness towards other alternative fuels in order to reach climate targets.

The project is nearly finished and has submitted manuscripts for scientific publication. Until the results can be published it is possible to take part of some of the project's outcome (in Swedish) in a recording from a joint seminar between f3 and the Lighthouse competence centre held on October 6th. The presentation starts at 55 minutes.

Photo: Johanna Mossberg, f3.

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