In July, the f3 Centre delivered a report describing the current knowledge status in Sweden concerning future transportation fuels and their sustainability. This was an assignment from the Swedish government investigation concerning a future fossil free transport sector called Utredningen om FossilFri Fordonstrafik (FFF-utredningen).

Following the vision that Sweden in 2050 will have a sustainable and resource efficient supply of energy with no net emissions of green house gases, and the priorities of a fossil free vehicle fleet in 2030, the investigation was assigned to map possible courses of action as well as to identify measures to reduce the emissions from the transport sector.

On December 16th, the FFF investigation has delivered its' full material under the name Fossilfrihet på väg, available for download here.

The separate f3 Centre report is available for download here, together with an executive summary and a feature article (all publications in Swedish).

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