About the project

As a consequence of advancing research about biobased energy forms and biobased materials, the concept of biobased economy has evolved. In a biobased economy, energy, materials and chemicals are produced from biobased and renewable raw materials without endangering food availability or quality.

This project provides an overview and comparative analysis of the strategies and visions for biobased economies in different countries, focusing on the USA, EU, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Canada and Australia. The report also comments on the situation in China, Russia, Brazil and Malaysia, and briefly outlines the OECD policy agenda for the bioeconomy.

A complementary report about the Indian bioeconomy has also been produced.


Louise Staffas, earlier at IVL


Mathias Gustavsson, IVL // Kes McCormick and Prasad Khedkar, Lund University

Time plan
December 2012 - December 2013

Total project cost
145 000 SEK

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