About the project

Municipalities and counties are important users of transport services and play a central role for biogas development. These actors can affect hinders and incentives along the value chain for locally produced transport fuels, e.g. through green public procurement. The municipality/county may also play an active role in actor networks that actively bring together different stakeholders.

The establishment of strong actor networks is crucial for the emergence of biogas systems, which requires that heterogeneous actors with complementing competences and resources cooperate. This project aims at delivering decision support for the design of local policy instruments and public procurement as well as recommendations for municipalities and counties in their role as network leaders. The project includes three case studies – Luleå, Gotland, and Gothenburg – that represent different regional contexts. An active network including a large number of municipalities is associated with the project.


Tomas Lönnqvist, IVL


Julia Hansson, Anders Hjort and Sven-Olof Ryding, IVL // Robert Lundmark and Patrik Söderholm, Bio4Energy (LTU)

Time plan
September 2018 - December 2019

Total project cost
1 600 000 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency, the f3 partners, IVL, Bio4Energy (LTU), Luleå Municipality, Dalsland Environment and Energy Federation, Energigas Sverige AB, Biogas Öst AB, Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden, Västra Götaland County Council, Region Gotland and Fyrbodals Municipal Association

Swedish Energy Agency's project number within the collaborative research program