About the project

Currently there are several on-going biofuel production units and research projects in Sub-Saharan African countries. These differ in respect to countries, scales, source of raw materials (feedstock) and so forth. Thus there is a need for an overview of the on-going biofuel production, research and other related activities. The aim of this study was to give a broad overview of Sub-Saharan Africa regarding current biofuel policies, on-going and planned biofuel production, and to map research activities and actors related to biofuels in the Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Biofuel development largely depends on the policies of the countries in the region. Several countries such as Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Tanzania etc. are in the process of developing biofuel regulatory frameworks with the aim to promote sustainable development in the biofuel sector.


Serina Ahlgren, earlier at SLU


Samuel Aradom Messmer and Cecilia Sundberg, SLU

Time plan
January - June 2013

Total project cost
122 000 SEK

The f3 partners and SLU