About the project

The Swedish Energy Agency reported in 2014 a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 1.95 M tonnes of CO2-eq due to the replacement of fossil fuels with biofuels. However, a narrow focus on CO2 fails to capture the value that biofuel production may have. Additional benefits from the Swedish biofuel industry accrue in both environmental and socio-economic spheres.

This project aims to identify the aggregated environmental benefits from biofuel production by-products due to replaced conventional products (e.g. fertilizers, materials, etc.) and utilities and services (e.g. integration with other industries and district heating) in addition to the socio-economic benefits through a screening and review of job creation and assessment methods for other benefits. The project has resulted in increased knowledge on the overall benefits resulting from biofuel production, which may enable the creation of more advanced policy instruments to support future biofuel production.

The project deliveries consist of a summary report, one scientific paper and a separate supporting analysis.


Michael Martin, IVL


Elisabeth Wetterlund, Bio4Energy (LTU) // Philip Peck, Lund University // Roman Hackl and Kristina Holmgren, IVL

Time plan
July 2015 - December 2016

Total project cost
781 341 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency, the f3 partners, IVL, Bio4Energy and Lund University

Swedish Energy Agency's project number within the collaborative research program