About the project

The use of biofuels in Sweden has increased dramatically during the last decade and the country is now one of the leadning member states in the EU. Sweden has ambitious nation­al targets for the transport sector and the ambition to continue being a leading country for biofuel use. This requires policies that justify long-term investment in biofuel production facilities and refueling infrastructure.

Although Swedish policy is in line with EU directives and state aid guidelines it has, however, at times, suffered from friction with the EU. This project has set out to give an overview of complex EU legislation and its implications for Swedish stimulus measures for biofuel development.

Among the regulations described and analysed are the Renewable Energy Directive, the ILUC Directive and the EU state aid guidelines.


Kersti Karltorp, earlier at SP


Jorrit Gosens, SP

Time plan
January - June 2016

Total project cost
245 200 SEK

The f3 partners, SP and Lantmännen

The following persons have given input to the project work: Andreas Gundberg, Lantmännen Agroetanol, Emmi Jozsa, Swedish Energy Agency, Anna Wallentin, the Ministry of Finance and Johanna Ulmanen, SP.