About the project

A large number of national and international techno-economic studies on industrially integrated gasifiers for production of biofuels have been published during the recent years. These studies comprise different types of gasifiers (fluidized bed, indirect and entrained flow) integrated in different industries for the production of various types of chemicals and transportation fuels (SNG, FT-products, methanol, DME etc.) The results are often used for techno-economic comparisons between different biorefinery concepts. One relatively common observation is that even if the applied technology and the produced biofuel are the same, the results of the techno-economic studies may differ significantly.

The main objective of this project has been to perform a comprehensive review of publications regarding industrially integrated biomass gasifiers for motor fuel production. The purposes have been to identify and highlight the main reasons why similar studies differ considerably and to prepare a basis for “fair” techno-economic comparisons. Another objective has been to identify possible lack of industrial integration studies that may be of interest to carry out in a second phase of the project.

Around 40 national and international reports and articles have been analysed and reviewed.


Joakim Lundgren, Bio4Energy (LTU)


Jim Andersson, Bio4Energy (LTU) // Laura Malek and Christian Hulteberg, Lund University // Elisabeth Wetterlund, Linköping University // Karin Pettersson, Chalmers

Time plan
September 2012 - March 2013

Total project cost
500 000 SEK

The f3 partners, Bio4Energy (LTU), Lund University, Linköping University and Chalmers