About the project

In Sweden, renewable fuels have been used in public transport applications for years with one exception: ferry traffic. Some initiatives including HVO fuels and electric and hybrid ships exist, but in order to achieve the Swedish national environmental and climate objectives, as well as regional and municipal environmental goals for public transport, there is a need to implement fossil free fuels on a larger scale. Waterborne public transport has a great potential to contribute to the urban environment and to relieve road and rail-bound public transport.

This project analyses suitable renewable fuels for different vessel types, shipping services and conditions. The overall goal is to increase knowledge and propose measures that can be used in procurement and implementation of fossil free ferries, leading to reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, hazardous air pollutants and particles.


Linda Styhre, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute


Karl Jivén, IVL // Karl Garme, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Time plan
1 September 2020 - 31 October 2021

Total project cost
250 000 SEK

The f3 partner organisations.