About the project

The high oil dependence and the continuous growth of energy use in the transport sector have in recent years triggered interest in transport biofuels as a measure to mitigate climate change and improve energy security. A future large scale integration of renewable fuels in the road transport sector will in significant ways change the energy system. To minimize the risk of unwanted system effects, the assessment of biomass potentials and the long term performance of different transport fuels and technologies are essential.

This project has aimed to establish future biofuel-based pathways for the road transport sector that are feasible, sustainable and linked to low risks. A broad perspective is strived for and technical, economic as well as environmental parameters are taken into account. The analysis is primarily based on the development and use of an energy system model describing the Swedish road transport sector as an integrated part of the national energy system.

Photo: FreeImages.com/Johanna Ljungblom



Erik Ahlgren, Chalmers


Martin Börjesson, Chalmers // Robert Lundmark, Bio4Energy (LTU) // Dimitris Athanassiadis and Andreas Lundström, SLU

Time plan
April 2012 - June 2013

Total project cost
965 000 SEK

The f3 partners, Chalmers, Bio4Energy (LTU) and SLU