About the project

Algal biomass is a promising future source of sustainable fuel, and efforts are being taken all around the world to develop the opportunity. A variety of fuel types are considered, such as biodiesel, biogas, biohydrogen, bioethanol and biobutanol.

The purpose of this study is to obtain knowledge of the worldwide competence within the area of using algal biomass as a source for biofuel, through a systemic structuring and mapping of the work which has been performed as well as ongoing initiatives. The scope of the study is limited to results of recent studies, current industrial activity and ongoing research initiatives.

Conclusions from the study are that there is a variety of research and industrial activities going on within the field of algal biofuel, but the Nordic countries are only to a certain extent involved.


Johanna Berlin, SP


Frida Røyne and Susanne Ekendahl, SP // Eva Albers, Chalmers

Time plan
January - April 2013

Total project cost
235 000 SEK

The f3 partners and SP