Forest-derived methane may contribute significantly to a vehicle fleet independent of fossil fuels by 2030. According to a recently finished study, there is sufficient technical knowledge about energy conversion methods and several Swedish actors have investigated and prepared investments in production facilities, but the technology is not commercially mature yet and it needs support during a development period.

In the f3 report How can forest-derived methane complement biogas from anaerobic digestion in the Swedish transport sector? researchers Tomas Lönnqvist, Stefan Grönkvist and Thomas Sandberg from KTH aim at identifying economic and systemic constraints for a commercial introduction of forest-derived methane and ways for policy support to address these constraints.

According to the study, there is a large potential for transport fuels from forest biomass in Sweden. There is also a competition about feedstock and end-users, as well as for financing, research & development funds, and for the policy makers’ attention. The study suggests, among other things, that increased policy support may be needed to enhance the demand and develop the technology. Also, the predictability of the policy support is perceived more important among the stakeholders than the specific type of policy instrument to attract investments.

Read the report How can forest-derived methane complement biogas from anaerobic digestion in the Swedish transport sector?

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