The Swedish public transport sector has defined two major targets, i.e., to run 90% of the total vehicle kilometers of the fleet on non-fossil fuels and double the volume of travel via public transport by 2020, increasing the share of public transport in relation to the total personal transport in the country . The f3 report Fuel options for public bus fleets in Sweden highlights the challenges and solutions encountered, particularly when it comes to the adoption of renewable fuels in the regional bus fleets. As a result of the efforts made in the last few years, renewables respond for 60% of the fuels used in bus transport in Sweden compared to approximately 10% in 2009.  

Political will to promote decarbonization of public transport has speeded up the shift towards renewables in bus fleets, while fuel tax exemptions have made deployment feasible. Environmental aspects, such as emission reduction potential and energy efficiency, are a priority when choosing fuels, together with infrastructure needs and fuel availability. 

Biodiesel has been the preferred fuel while increasing deployment of renewable fuels in buses, especially in scarcely populated regions. In addition, the compatibility with traditional diesel engines has favored this option among service providers. The use of biogas is increasing in line with incentives at local and national level. The deployment of electricity in buses is only found in city traffic, while the major choice for regional routes is usually biodiesel. 

Read the report: Fuel options for public bus fleets in Sweden

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