The transition towards an energy-efficient society with energy-efficient vehicles poses a lot of complex questions. We need a systems perspective both to adequately phrase the questions, and to visualise the conditions of renewable transition options for the transport sector. f3 presents six conclusions based on the knowledge of researchers and experts active in our network:

  1. We need renewable transportation fuels to reach climate targets
  2. Sustainable feedstock for large-scale production of rebewable fuels is available
  3. Renewable transportation fuels reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  4. A variety of renewable transportation fuels and production technologies are needed
  5. Powerful efforts within both policy and R&D are needed
  6. Swedish technology and knowledge export plays an important part in the global climate challange

Each of these conclusions refer to research that has been performed within f3 and the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems.

Currently, the folder that elaborates on the conclusions is available in Swedish only. It can be downloaded as PDF and ordered in printed copies from the f3 office.