Elisabeth Wetterlund, scientist at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) and f3 coordinator for Bio4Energy, has been a part of the BeWhere series of projects within f3 since they started in 2011. In July, she took part of the Advanced Biofuels Symposium in Vancouver, Canada.

– It was very interesting to learn about on-going research in a country that in so many aspects resembles Sweden, Elisabeth Wetterlund tells f3.

Elisabeth Wetterlund herself presented her work in the BeWhere project series with a poster on on-going research about renewable fuels production through co-gasification of black liquor and pyrolysis liquids, building on finished pilot scale tests at the LTU Green Fuels plant in Piteå.

– We are at the moment investigating how this technology would work in the Swedish energy system as a whole, using the geographically explicit systems model BeWhere Sweden, she says.

Because of the wide spectra of topics at the conference, ranging from feedstock to technology, techno-economics and systems, Elisabeth Wetterlund's poster led to many interesting discussions concerning both the technology itself and the system aspects around it.

Read more about the finished and on-going projects in the BeWhere series here.

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