About the project

Diversification of forest industry activities into transport fuels is important for Swedish climate and energy policy goal achievement, and biofuel proponents also claim that it is important for Swedish forest industry competitiveness. There is significant ongoing research effort on biofuels for road transport and extensive experimentation on several technical platforms has been conducted. These different platforms each inter-relate in different ways with the forest sector and transportation fuel processing/value-adding industries. As of 2016, it remains unclear how many of these will emerge from niche applications or experimentation into the market mainstream.

Decisions regarding which particular forest-derived transport biofuels to pursue, and how best to pursue them, are complex and are influenced by many factors. This project has examined systemic constraints and drivers for expansion of forest-derived transport biofuels in Sweden. Through literature reviews, interviews and web-surveys, the project has delivered updated and more nuanced understanding of the positions/views of potential and existing 1st and 2nd generation transportation biofuel producers regarding

  • areas of synergy or competition for resources or political support
  • key strategies for leading actors in forest, fuel & petrochemical sectors
  • general ‘viability perceptions’ for leading fuel-engine systems/pathways.

The study provides an improved knowledge for decision-making to policy makers, industry and researchers regarding areas where policy is a help/hinder to desired progress, the structural function of important drivers and barriers, and about differences between strategies in the field and commonly held scientific beliefs.


Philip Peck, Lunds universitet


Yuliya Voytenko, Lunds universitet // Stefan Grönkvist and Tomas Lönnqvist, KTH // Julia Hansson, IVL

Time plan
August 2014 - May 2016

Total project cost
1 326 002 SEK

Swedish Energy Agency, the f3 partners, Lund University, KTH and IVL

Swedish Energy Agency's project number within the collaborative research program