Successful development of renewable transportation fuels in large-scale demands collaborative research and innovation efforts, both on national level and European level. But the conditions for development, production and use of renewable fuels in Sweden and the Nordic countries are not that well-known in Europe. By sharing knowledge and experiences within European networks and activities and taking part in drafting research programs, possibilities for Swedish stakeholders to contribute to a sustainable transport system are realised. Platform f3, a national advocacy platform supporting collaboration between Swedish and European stakeholders, plays a vital role in this.

– For a single country to make an impact in the field of sustainable fuels on a European level, several criteria must be fulfilled. It takes preserverence, resources and field competence, you need a basis in national industry and research, and, finally, an adequate platform for your statement to reach out. Through our assignment from Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency), combined with our long-term collaboration within the centre network in general, platform f3 has a very good chance to meet these criteria, says Ingrid Nyström, senior advisor and responsible for international collaboration at the f3 centre office.

This is an excerpt from the story “European collaboration for transition fo renewable transportation fuels” published in March 2017. The full story is available for download in Swedish.