During the spring, seven new small f3 projects were granted funding from f3 partners and started their work. The projects are the following:

  • Vehicles and infrastructure for heavy long-haul transports fueled by electricity and hydrogen (link). Project manager: Stefan Grönkvist, KTH
  • Evaluation of biofuel production costs in relation to the new reduction obligation quota system (link). Project manager: Erik Furusjö, IVL
  • Assessing positive social impacts – organizing and structuring the data collection (link). Project manager: Elisabeth Ekener, KTH
  • Production of alternative transportation fuels from lignocellulose using process combination (link). Project manager: Anders Holmbom, Lantmännen Agroetanol AB
  • Synthesizing LCA reports on transport fuels (link). Project manager:Ingemar Magnusson, Volvo
  • Electrolysis and electrofuels in the Swedish chemical and biofuel industry: a comparison of costs and climate benefits (link). Project manager: Anna-Karin Jannasch, RISE
  • Update of existing and addition of missing data into the f3 LCI data repository (link). Project manager: Tomas Rydberg, IVL

All projects are scheduled to finish during the fall of 2017 and results will be published on the f3 website when available.

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