Each year, the collaborative research program Renewable transportation fuels and systems carries through a conference presenting results from the ongoing projects for an external audience. This year, the conference was arranged digitally and recorded. Although most presentations were in Swedish, some were held in English and/or were complemented with slides in English.

Below is a list of this year’s presentations. The paranthesis indicates the starting time (hours:minutes:seconds) for each presentation.

Information in English on all projects can easily be found on our website, visit Publications and search for specific projects.

  • Sustainable HVO-production potential and environmental impact [link]
    Sofia Poulikidou, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Presentation and slides in English, stars at 00:29:00)
  • Mitigating environmental impacts from biomass production by producing more biomass [link]
    Göran Berndes, Chalmers (Prsentation and slides in Swedish, starts at 00:44:07)
  • KNOGA – Cost and risk distribution among key actors for defossilized long-haulage freight transports on road. [link]
    Kristina Holmgren, VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (Presentation and slides in Swedish, starts at 01:06:15)
  • Future fuel choices for low-carbon shipping, aviation and road transport [link]
    Julia Hansson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Presentation in Swedish, slides in English, starts at 01:23:02)
  • Future-proof biofuels through improved utilization of biogenic carbon – carbon, climate and cost efficiency (K3) [link]
    Yawer Jafri, Bio4Energy/Luleå University of Technology (Presentation and slides in Swedish, starts at 01:40:22)
  • SunAlfa – System-oriented analysis of processes for renewable fuels form forest raw material
    Christian Stigsson, doctoral student at Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University (Presentation and slides in Swedish, starts at 02:03:26)
  • BioFlex – Bio-based flexible production of transportation fuels in a combined pyrolysis and gasification plant
    Efthymios Kantarelis, KTH Roya Institute of Technology (Presentation and slides in English, starts at 02:16:58)
  • Electrolysis assisted biomass gasification for transportation fuels [link]
    Sennai Mesfun, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (Presentation and slides in English, starts at 02:32:40)
  • Sulfur-Free MARine LIgnin FuEls (SMARt LIFE) [link]
    Dimitris Athanassiadis, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) (Presentation and slides in Swedish, starts at 02:50:03)

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